1. who cares

From the recording who cares


who cares, who knows
who sees what shows
who shines that light
what's real, what's right

with eyes so blind
we seek a sign
a flare, a flash
a flame, a blast

i lay on my back and i look at the sky
and it just looks blue and i wonder why
and i look at the forest but i just see the trees
you whisper in the wind but i just feel the breeze

who cares, who knows
who calls, who goes
who hears, who spoke
who bears that yoke

i sit in the crowd and i see the show
and i hope the man hasn't too far to go
while he drags his load and he climbs his hill
and he plants his cross where it's standing still

who cares, who knows
who dares, who chose
who takes, who gives
who dies, who lives