1. of all

From the recording of all


of all the faces i've seen, you are most beautiful
of all the places i've been, none is more suitable
and i want to stay with you

of all the arms that hold me, you hold me nearest
of all the words been told me, yours are the dearest
and i know that they are true

true, i am prone to wander
i've traveled many a wrong road
stumbled down blind alleys, box canyons and dead ends
i've tumbled naked in the cold

i've been blinded by the light of noonday sun
been left for dead and left alone
groped in blackness with eyes that would not see
i've crushed my foot against a stone

i have feasted with kings and still been hungry
i've listened and learned the latest lies
i watched a battle rage three days and nights
and saw the dawn with my own eyes

of all the bread i've eaten, yours is most filling
of all the backs been beaten, yours is most willing
and you paid my part complete

of all the lights that i've seen, none holds a candle
i am unworthy to touch your sandal
but you stooped and washed my feet